A New Hologram

August 22, 2022

“Your quantum realityatlantis gateway systems field is transmitting new encodings for your use. Your deification is in process through the implementation of these quantum codes. It is of paramount importance for you at this time, to absorb these into your energy fields.

This is groundbreaking territory, and will take you to the next level of your Evolution. Simplistic states of consciousness are prevalent in your world. These are the Annunaki driven states of mind, that were used to control and enslave you. A very long time ago, you agreed to a decline in consciousness, which was part of a major experiment to redefine life, and to evolve it significantly. A major upsurge from the ‘Core’, was expected to be the outcome of this diminished consciousness. Such an outpouring of plasma would impact upon the Whole of the Cosmos, forming a monumental shift within all life…

The successful outcome of this shift, will see a transformation of epic proportions taking place. The limited consciousness that you have had to endure will be transfigured into new dimensional form. This will take place slowly at first, but will gather momentum as you integrate more of the codes that are being given to you. Success depends upon the level of integration which occurs within your matrix fields.

An integration of the matrix codes for evolution, will establish a new hologram for you all. One that functions with greater capacity and reflects more of your dimensional light from ‘Source’….”

The Gateway Systems amongst other things, are a means of healing our hologram, and upgrading our energy matrix, to align with a vastly superior one. This is in alignment with the Great Expansion that is taking place here on Earth… Why not use the Gateway to assist your integration easily and speedily?