The Divine Gift

August 24, 2022

The Gateways are an advanced system of star networks that traverse the Universes. Their function is primarily to upgrade all living forms. This upgrading takes place by increments. The systems network is vast, and covers many parallels and alternate realities. It is designed to function with the Scalar Frequency, as this contains the highest light quotient. These networks supersede all systems, providing the greatest tools for transformation!

These tools have been given to Kira, to pass on to you all, at this time of awakening. She is empowered to bring you into alignment with these networks, so that you will be able to align with your highest expression of ‘Self’. This is a great work that is being undertaken here, one that will see the emergence of the Divine Creator in you All. Your vibrations will be encoded with supremely powerful data, which will take the place of your existing codes. This encoded information will transform your cells, changing your body script entirely to a new format. This will be the body script of the ‘Immortals’, the race of giants that have walked your Earth previously…


These networks of light will provide many changes in your matrix, culminating in a Re-Birth for Humanity. Until recently this energy has been suppressed, by those who fear it’s outcome. Their agenda has been to limit your growth. Ours is to expand it. The Gateway networks align with the current emerging expansion which is taking place. They cannot be held back any longer. The pristine nature of your vehicles, will be returned to you, as this expansion process escalates. This is one of the many benefits of these changes. Health and Well being will become the norm, and Peace will at last settle upon the Earth….”Avatars of Light

These systems are a divine gift from the higher echelons, to assist us at this extraordinary time, here on Earth.. They are powerful tools for our evolution!”