Welcome.. Do you want to reach your Highest Light potential? … Do you want to ascend easily to the Higher states of Consciousness and Harmonious levels of Being?

  The ‘Gateway Energy’ has returned to Earth to serve all of your Ascension needs. It can ascend you to the 5th dimensional state of being, and much further to your ‘Diamond Lightbody’ (Higher Self) or Solar Lightbody (Collective Higher Self) state…

The ‘Gateway Energy’ was used as a Biogenesis Tool during the time of Atlantis. It is a multidimensional healing and upgrading energy, which naturally reverses any genetic modifications that we have received (that do not align with our Divine Template Codes). It also provides an interface for the expansion of our Consciousness, rewiring us in harmony with the Divine Phi ratio. This means that it is ultimately impossible for us to hold negative thoughts and emotions…

  Humanity is moving to a new Light level, a new harmonic of ‘Peace’ and ‘Love’.. This is a Quantum Leap in our Evolution.

  ‘The Gateway’ facilitates this leap to the higher crystalline expression, since it is a quantum energy, and uses the parallel networks to ascend us. This is the way that All Ascension occurs.. It takes us much further to our Highest Crystalline Expression…

  The Attunements themselves are intergalactic, and multi-dimensional. They are designed to take us to greater levels of awareness. The “Avatars of Light”(the creators of the systems) are a species beyond all others, having evolved beyond the need to have an embodied form, being pure energy. They say the purpose of these attunements are to evolve Humanity to this same level, and to bring Unity.

The Gateway Course is NOW available and is comprised of 8 major Gateway systems. As a ‘Gateway Master’ you will be able to transmit the Gateway energy to upgrade and heal others. As a bonus you will be able to transmit the ‘Scalar Energy’ as a healing tool separately since this energy powers the Gateway. Plus you will be able to pass on the systems to others (via the ‘Avatars of Light’). The current systems included, are Arcturus, Antares, Alderbaran, Genesis, Merka (Merkabah), Diamond, Andarian (which is outside of our Solar System), and the new Stargate system… There may be more to come as we expand into and embody more Light.. BOOK YOUR GATEWAY COURSE HERE 


The Activators and myself hold a monthly remote ‘Gateway Event’, where we transmit the GATEWAY frequencies collectively. This transmission goes out on the 11th of each month at 9pm UK time (or your equivalent time zone). If this isn’t convenient, you can usually connect with and ask for the ‘Gateway Energy’ later, even the following day! You can also check your equivalent time HERE Why not join our group HERE to stay informed? See some of the Activators at Frequency Healing Centre 

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