Increase Your Light

August 24, 2022


High frequency modulations are occurring within your biospheres. These atomic changes are consistently creating new realities for you. The dreams of the past are disappearing, back into the quantum soup from which they arose.. The telomeres are becoming strengthened, as biosynthesis takes place within you… This is especially true, for those of you who are receiving the ‘Gateway Energy’ at this time. Its codes are producing these atomic and subatomic changes within you, at an unprecedented level now..

Your systems are being re-engineered, to hold more light from the light fields of ‘Source’. These light encoded messages are being transmitted through the Gateway frequencies..


.. These powerful messengers of Light are speaking to your DNA, instructing it to make beneficial changes, for your wellbeing and success. Advanced DNA molecules, are being added into your matrix, to provide you with a finer dimensional form, one which vibrates in alignment with the crystalline light!

Your Higher Selves are in charge of this process, and are assisting you in your efforts to move into Lightbody.. The requirements are simple, when you use the Divine Energies, such as those of the Gateway.. Higher dimensional living is significantly easier than that which you experience upon the Earth Plane. There is no resistance, no opposition to the flow of ‘Source’ energy. Everything occurs naturally.. As a species, you have got used to restriction and limitation. All barriers and limits are now being removed, to allow a phenomenal expansion to take place. This expansion into the higher light fields, will take you further than you can imagine.. Rejoice dear ones, liberation is at hand! You are moving back into ‘Oneness’.