“The Gateway System is profound! It has transformed my entire life, and shifted me into my soul purpose! My vibration and frequency immediately shift. It as if the old is gone and the new has come! I now remember who I am! Forever changed, forever grateful.”



“I asked to connect to my family of light and FELT an amazing white light, then called ALL parts of myself to return, and asked for all barriers, and wounds to be transmuted, and transformed to light and to REMEMBER my Divinity . Tears streamed down my face. I sat in stillness with the energy.”



“Wow, Kira. I’m not totally sure what it is I’ve been given yet, but I felt totally wiped out from that. I set a few crystals out and sat with a quiet mind with the intention to receive but then after a while I found the energy was quite overwhelming so I had to lie down! … During the session I felt like an old guide had been split away from me and a new energetic guardian has been put in place now? Thank you so much, I’m very grateful … Charles 💙”  …  CHARLES LEE


“Thank you Kira, I am honored to be a part of this group of activators! I deeply felt the energies when they were activating within me in various ways. It was fascinating.. love and blessings to All”… BRENDA MONAHAN



“Rainbow lights appeared, the energy came in three waves getting stronger with each. The energy flow was intense. I experienced a heart expansion and my body temperature changed with each wave, from  warm to cold. This was amazing and the strongest yet!!”.. ANGELINA ARCIERO



“The Gateway comes into your energy, your physical body straight away, and goes wherever it is needed.. I love to receive it and give it to others. A client told me that she saw light being sprinkled all over her body. Her pain was gone after the session.”… ANNE GRETHE LYNNE



“The Gateway Energy has helped me to feel more connected and confident on my spiritual journey and have given more life to my other healing treatments. I am so grateful to have received ‘The Gateway’ “.. APRIL McBRIDE



“The Gateway Energy changed my whole mindset for the better. In fact it felt as if my whole system was being upgraded”… Juliane Moller



“I definitely saw a lot. I became like those light fibre Xmas lights ( a big mass of filaments that light up and tips turn different colours), as my cellular structure seemed to be flooded with rainbow light, as I saw the crystalline outline of my body holographically. So this definitely fits with your download description of ‘finer etheric strands, woven to form my new vehicles of light … Thank You!” … Caroline Ryan


“Dear Kira I feel that I made good spiritual growth this year, with the activations, it supported me on my spiritual pathway. I have been through a lot in my life. Many lifetimes have taken me to this point in my spiritual accomplishment, it has not been easy. Looking forward to Transformations, New Beginnings, the inner and outer life, a new phase in Life. Thank you for your support with this high level energy work of the Light, is an honor. Peace and Love Luis” …. Luis Vasquez


“Since the attunements began, I have felt clearer, totally centered, mindless and yet fluid. My body feels lighter, and movement is effortless (big bonus!).. I feel purposeful and look forward to continuing this priceless, endless journey!”… Greer Palloo



“This was the most energetic experience in my life. I could really feel the difference.. I had searched a long time to find my purpose, and was guided to this. I want to help, to heal, and to heal myself”… Maria James



“The Gateway is truly a Divine Gift, I tried to think negatively for 24 hours and couldn’t! This energy changes my thought habits and emotions, in alignment with perfect harmony… Thank You!” … Pradeep Gohill