The Power of The Gateway

August 22, 2022

The Earth has been seeded many times, by many different races of power and influence. These seedings have born fruit, and have contributed to your gene pool as it is today.

The largest influence has been the alteration of your DNA by the Annunaki. Their genetic scientists, incorporated the Pleiadian Codex, and the Reptilian Codex into your matrix. Whilst the Pleiadian codex had a positive effect upon you, endowing you with various psychic gifts and abilities, the Reptilian codes however, gave you a warring nature, which has created a drop in density, to a much slower vibration.

These codes of slower density need to be eradicated and replaced with healthier ones, through the rewriting of your DNA. Any inclination to warfare, will then be written out permanently… This is automatically done by the Gateway Energy. It contains many superior intergalactic codons, which will repair and renew your DNA, giving it a much higher resonance with the light. The shift in vibration that it brings, will expand your consciousness threshold, in effect leaving behind the dark days of the Past… Thus a new Era will be born, one of  great illumination. The propensity for darkness will no longer exist within you. This chapter in your history will be closed forever, setting you upon a new Path of Light.

Use the Gateway Energy to return to power, and reestablish yourselves as the great creators and masters that you ARE!